About Restaron

RESTARON is a team of designer gastronomic restaurants, which includes Taron», the Caucasian cuisine restaurant, Centaur» Lviv urban café and Mons Pius: Beer&Meat» Restaurant, Champagneria «Khachapuri and hot dog» is a city café in a format of «quick&casual».

Our main principles are honest food, locally produced goods and sincere service. Our greatest ambition is that our guests have lovely memories of their visits to us.

RESTARON is a team of young and creative people, for whom a restaurant is not merely about food or service, it’s about creating a living organism. Cooking for us is a creativity closely connected with high technology standards. Hospitality for us is not just a word, but a deep understanding that each visitor is our personal guest.

Our dishes are cooked with the best products and have well-known, right and invariable taste. RESTARON presents a combination of longstanding gastronomic and hospitality traditions, striving for perfection and skillfulness of the staff.

Restaron restaurants are talked about, visited daily by Lvivites, and will proudly welcome all the guests of our city.